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The Content Scribe is a freelance copywriter for websites, marketing material and editorial. My services include crafting copy for small to medium businesses using language that's succinct and easy to read.

Hire a Website Copywriter who Cuts Through

When hiring the Content Scribe, you can be sure the message your business wants to convey is clear and succinct and browsers to your website will understand precisely how you can solve their problem - and turn them into customers.

Turn browsers into customers with a website copywriter

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Do visitors to your website leave before reading what you have to offer? If so, your website content may be letting you down.

A freelance website copywriter uses clear, concise language to get your message across quickly and compel your readers to take action.

Most browsers spend less than 30 seconds on a website - and less than 10 seconds on a page, unless they find what they are looking for. If they don’t find the solution to their problem immediately, they simply visit a competitor’s site.

Well-structured website content that uses everyday language, is easy to read and convinces browsers that you have the solution to their problem has the power to keep them on your site and convert them into paying customers. Using a Sydney copywriter who specialises in small business can help you achieve your goals.

Target the right audience with a copywriter for small business

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As a professional website copywriter from Sydney, I write with your target market and business goals in mind.

I research and learn everything I need to know about your business, industry and trends. I then glean what your competitors are saying and raise the bar.

Finally, I craft a creative, well-structured piece of copywriting that is easy to read,  appealing to your target market and includes relevant SEO keyword phrases.

Using a copywriter who finely tunes website and marketing material content for small to medium business is just as important to your business as a well-designed website. It's just another piece of the puzzle.

A website copywriter can drive traffic to your business

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Are potential customers finding your business on the internet? If not, your website content may not be optimised for search engines. Or you may need to increase your content marketing.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is how Google and other search engines find your website. However for your business to rank high in the SERPs (search engine results page), you either need to increase your organic reach through content, such as blogs, vlogs, and case studies, or advertise.

If you don't know your SERPs from your SEOs and meta data, or don't have the time or ability to write interesting blogs that will hook in clients, then leave it to a freelance copywriting specialist for small to medium business.

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Connect your business to customers with winning words from a freelance copywriter for small and large businesses.

Not ready to pay someone else to write your marketing material or website content? No problem. I can still help. Read my blogs on how to write great content to improve your chances of reaching your target market.