15 Benefits your Business is missing out on because you Don’t Blog!

business blogs introduce the right audience to your brandIf you’re a small-to-medium business owner, chances are you’ve got a website that you’ve spent months creating, only to find it is under performing.

Here’s the thing. A website on its own won’t cut it anymore. You need a mix of marketing methods that will attract visitors to your digital shopfront.

Content marketing such as business blogs drives not just traffic, but the RIGHT traffic, to your website.

Blogs give people a reason to visit your site and introduce new people to your brand. They also provide fuel for your social media campaigns.

When written well, you come across as the expert in your field. You capture the right audience who are more likely to take a look around your website and turn into paying customers.

If you're not publishing BUSINESS BLOGS REGULARLY, you're missing out on these 15 benefits.

Business blogs...

1. establishes you as an AUTHORITY in your field of expertise

2. EDUCATES prospective customers about how your business can help them

3. enhances your PROFESSIONAL IMAGE

4. increases TRAFFIC to your website

5. introduces the RIGHT AUDIENCE to your brand

6. gives people a REASON to visit your website

7. provides FUEL for your social media campaigns

8. helps your website RANK HIGHER in search engine results pages, like Google

9. ANSWERS frequently asked questions so you only need to respond with a link

10. allows you to REPURPOSE CONTENT into a video, podcast, or presentation

11. provides a platform to IMBED presentations, videos and offers

12. gives your business a HUMAN VOICE

13. signals that your business is ALIVE and kicking

14. creates content that can be SHARED on social media

15. adds VALUABLE resources to your website

Marketing can be tough

It can also eat into your weekends and time with the family. I get it. That’s where The Content Scribe can help.

My name is Diane Godley. I am a seasoned communications professional and copywriter based on Sydney’s northern beaches.

I have oodles of experience writing digital content that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary to give your business the edge over your competitors.

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