Does your website communicate your key business message clearly?


  • Does your website clearly communicate your key business message?
  • Do your potential customers understand how you are going to solve their #1 problem?
  • And do visitors to your website understand how your product or service will benefit them?

If you want traffic to your website to convert into customers, then you need to be clear about these three things. Not towards the end of your content. Not in the middle. But at the very beginning!

The 3 essential ingredients in creating a business message

The aim of a landing page is to convert web browsers into customers. Having an impressive-looking website is all well and good, but if your landing page is missing your key business message, then you may as well throw your money to the wind.

If visitors to your website have to work out what you are trying to saying, like this sign we saw in China, or how your product or service is going to benefit them, then you’ve lost a customer.

Amazing content acts as your website’s silent salesperson – and can make a massive difference to your conversion rates.

So how should you pitch your trade or professional on your website?

Firstly, define who your target market is. Who are your ideal customers?

Are they middle-aged homeowners? Are they women over 30? Are they small business owners?

Secondly, what is their #1 problem?

For example:

Are homeowners shopping for a solar energy system? Or a solution to future-proof their home against ever-increasing electricity bills?

Are women browsing for skincare? Or a solution to slow down the skin ageing process?

Are small business owners looking for an accountant? Or someone to take the headache out of their monthly financial statements?

If you can communicate how you can solve your prospective customers #1 problem with your business message, they will credit you as a person with solutions and will want to know more about your business.

So scrap the blather at the beginning of your website’s content. Cut to the chase. Tell your customer what their problem is, how you can solve it, and how THEY will benefit!

Upgrade your content

Because you rely on your landing page to sell your business, and convert browsers into buyers, they are therefore the most difficult to write. To upgrade your content using a professional SEO content writer, contact me today.

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